Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Oh my the Semester is DONE!!!!!

It seems that once again I have scraped through another semester at Wayne State University. Making it only one more class and I will have a MASTERS Degree. Never thought you would see the day DID YA??
I guess having the "Year" off from working has one up side.

The bad news is that Unemployement is OVER and I have to get a job. ANY JOB....
I have hit Ritz and begged and pleaded for someone to take me.
I applied to a couple of schools, but those are mostly for the fall.
I have been applying to all kinds of office positions over the last several months, but none of those panned out either.
Guess it is time to Hit the Mall. When all else fails, hit the retail. Hopefully all the other college kids have not stolen all the jobs.

Other strange things....

There is a radio station that Tom likes to listen to - 95.5 in Detroit. I probably listened once upon a time. They are doing a BLING contest. So, Tom made me email in my ring. I'm not sure if I gave them the right information, other than the picture, but we'll see. So, you have to go to the sight and vote on MY ring.

That should get you to the page where the rings are. Now if you don't remember, my ring is GREEN and WHITE, (does that remind you of anything?) It should put my first name with the ring. Right now it is two rings that were up yesterday. Change it already!

Guess that is it for the moment.

Although Carrie has a great MEME going on her blog and Then on his April 20th Post - Matt has a great bit on Old English and therapy for Lady Macbeth.
If you like a little high brow humor, it is good.

Oh, and just a note - Save the Date - June 24th 2006 - Birthday party bonanza happening at our house. More to come, email me if you need directions...
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