Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Interviews and Work,,,, union anyone

Ok, I still feel run down - no sun - I feel mold growing on me...
But, hey everyone else in Michigan feels the same way right now.

Monday - Interview at Detroit Country Day Middle School. For those of you who don't know, that is probably the most prestegious school system in Michigan. Ask me later what the tution is..... I thought the interview went well, though I am not sure that I am type A enough to work there. I would guess they don't sleep...

Sun-Mon-Tues - working for a living at Novi Ritz camera. It isn't bad, I am making my goals and seeing people that I enjoyed meeting long ago when I first worked at Ritz. They are all so very nice and the new equipment makes doing photos so much more fun.
I sold a camera to a lady who bought a 360 lens, to do those virtual reality room shots, like in the hotel rooms and realitor sites. Very cool, we had fun playing with it.

Tuesday - Well, off to the lawyers for all the fun to go with my previous employement. We are working on it. We may know something come July...

Tuesday - The teachers at Old Redford Academy charter schools voted FOR the union on Tuesday evening. I expect there to be a big write up in the paper and hopefully some stuff on the news. This is a big deal for Charter schools and the MEA.

Wednesday - I am hanging out at home doing laundry, and cleaning some. I should be painting but man everything feels a little moldy to me.. ewwww
I work the next 4 days straight and we are doing inventory on Sunday night. This will be a long weekend. ugh.
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