Saturday, May 20, 2006

Seeing things...... (EDIT)

I must preface this post by saying that YES and NO - I was seeing things... My husband did leave the note on my desk from Detroit Country Day Middle School. The problem is that it was from the original message on the answering machine. Tom has dyslexia and it was Call back on Tuesday, meaning she originally called me on Monday and there was a lot more to the message on the machine..... (we had to go listen to it to get it right.)

There was also another message from an insurance company stating - I have your resume, I think you would fit in here, give me a call. Well of course they have my resume - it is posted on the internet. Tom thought I sent it to them. I doubt it..... Anyway, I'll call them and ask, and how does one get paid at your company. If it is 100 percent commission you can kiss my A**.
I have a teacher friend who got into a mortgage company - 100 % commission, that was February - ummm it is the end of May and she STILL has not seen a paycheck.

So, here is the original post in all my too early in the morning to function glory.

I feel like I am seeing things..
I think my husband is trying to make me crazy... Or I already am and just don't know it.
(How could he go all day yesterday and not call me or tell me when I got home last night?????)

There is a note sitting in front of my computer.. It says.

Persons name (keeping the masses safe)
Detroit Middle School
(phone number)
Tues call Back(s)
Did they really call and want to see me again. NAARAH - I need to get into your closet? Where is that suit? I only have the one now....
I work 11-7 today and 12 to 8pm tomorrow (or later as it is inventory)
Heart attack, I think I am going to have a heart attack...
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