Thursday, May 04, 2006

Off to WORK....

Ewww, the 3 most horrible words on this planet.
(I can think of others, but this will do for now.)

I actively started looking for work on Saturday. And well, today I go to training for Ritz.
I stopped a couple places on Saturday and realized that yes, I would rather work at Ritz camera again.
So, I called The District Manager on Monday and ask for a deal. Basically I said I would cover for people on vacation and work with Gordon at the Novi store.
She tells me she needs help at the Summersett Mall store, they have a good business going there. Well, the Dm and the manager at SS have different ideas of what they need......
Gordon will get me hours, and I will probably make more there than other places. (Get commission)
I thought I had an interview for a key holder position yesterday and opps they got that wrong.. No way am I doing clothing for 6.50 an hour. NO WAY...

Anyway, wish me luck.. Naarah and I go to training today. LOL see ya there.
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