Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cedar Point

We survived a crazy day at Cedar Point. In case you were wondering - YES I did actually ride the Drag Thrill Racer. 420 feet tall, and 120 miles an hour. Mom and I had our eyes closed, we were scared to death, Chris and Michael were insane with their hands up or something.. I do have a picture. But I have to scan it, you'll see it later...
Here are some other pictures I took with a throw away 800 asa film camera (Fuji) from Ritz.

Mike and Chris went on a couple of rides that Mom and I said no way too. We don't do circles and especially circles where you go upside down, or rock like a boat. Ocean motion is not my friend... This ride on the right is called Chaos, yes the cars flip upside down. Mom and I were in charge of all their loot.

The one on the left is called Max air. I do believe that Mike and Chris really are on the ride. I was going to zoom in, but then you lose the scale of how big the ride really is.

These shots are us on the Blue Streak for like the 4th time that day. It rained really hard around 4:30 and we hid in stores. Once it stopped we put the goodies in the locker had some dinner and stayed until they threw us out of the park. IT WAS EMPTY, everyone got wet and went home.

We rode all the rides.. The Gemini finally opened again and the Mine Ride.

This is my favorite shot of the day.....
We were bad and took pictures on the ride, we could have been removed from the park... opps lol
Anyway, enjoy. I have a couple more, but these were certainly the best. And needless to say, we looked rough at the end of the day...
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