Sunday, June 23, 2013


Sorry for the Screaming.

I wanted to share this really cool article with you.
And I refuse to do it.


The sight that the article was on had not just one Fill the screen Ad that I closed but then ANOTHER ad popped up at the bottom of the page with AUDIO and Video.

I was impressed with the writing of the article so I slogged past the horrible ads and read the whole thing.  But I will not Share a link to an article with that much garbage on the page.  There were like 6 more ads running down the side of the page.

The Article was about WHY they ask you so many questions when you adopt an animal.  Be it a dog, or cat or whatever.
I was impressed with the overall quality of the article.  Yes, they really do need to ask you those questions and yes, answer them honestly, or you are no better than the person that was the reason the dog showed up at the rescue in the first place.

I love my two dogs, and yes, they have done things that I think other people might have taken them back.  The $600 in medical bills for that garbage escapade is the price you pay for having a pet.

So, the next time you hear someone complain about the price of a pure bred dog or even worse the price of an adopted dog.  The agency is trying to pay for all the other dogs that weren't adopted, the cost of the shots, the ring worm they had to get rid of and the neuters for all the animals that show up.  If you aren't willing to pay that price, then you might not be willing to get medical attention if something happens to YOUR pet.

Remember, the money you spent to get the pet is not the last you will pay, like a toy.  (Although with tablet you just keep right on paying)  So, that pet - is going to COST you more money.  Figure out if you can AFFORD it before you bring it home.
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