Sunday, June 09, 2013

1 or 2 spaces?

I just read the most frightening thing ever in my adult life.
Two spaces is WRONG.     (Article from Slate Magazine)

I pride myself on remembering many things from my time sitting in a classroom. Most of the time I catch some really cool stuff and that I will pass on to others. Hence the reason I am a teaching in the first place. But I just read something that makes me feel about one inch tall. "Using 2 spaces after a period is wrong."

I almost feel ill.

I have to admit that I did learn to type on a manual typewriter. My first class in typing was on one. I then proceeded to take electric typing, because we had it- instead of the computer classes I so desperately wanted but was unable to find at the time. So, I admit- I do the 2 space thing after the period.

Well, I did until today. I vow to try and not do 2 spaces behind a period ever again. Now, I can't promise the iPhone will not do it for me, but I will not do it on purpose ever again.

The worst part about the whole thing is that I'm sure I own or owned an MLA format book that specifically tells you not to do the 2 space thing.  I will happily tell you that I probably never opened the book other than to look up how to do a citation.  And I bet, I never really even used the book for that.

At MSU I had a book for newspaper writing, all the proper abbreviations and a few other things like that in there. You would think the professor that made me get that book would have taught us the 2 space thing???

So there, feel stupid right along with me. Typographers stand up tall and tell us like it is, NO NEED FOR TWO SPACES. (We can talk about the all caps thing later.)
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