Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My office.....

Today has become - "I'm Lazy and just posting a picture of my office."

I will gladly say I stole this from Jenny - The Bloggess.

Of course it doesn't look that clean now, except I haven't figured out what I am going to put on the walls around it yet.  This is a corner of my bedroom.  I don't get a full office, Tom does, which is fine by me.  I am next to my bathroom and just 5 steps from my bed and a chair to read in.

I have some pictures I can put on the walls, but I haven't set a bunch of them out to see what really should go where. I do think I need some shelves over my desk to put some books.  Or need them in the opposite corner over the reading chair.  Too many options and only 2 years to live here???  It's been 5 Months here so far???  How crazy is that.

I thought I would add this also, as it's the most work we have done in one room of this house.  That wall was TOOOOO boring.  And the tub looked weird sitting in the corner so alone. We added a couple of shelves that we picked up a long time ago and got the picture.  Now, you can dream that you are on vacation in the tub.  Works for me.

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