Monday, August 19, 2013


A new job, in a new city, in a new setting, with all new expectations.

Officially it has been 1 year and 1 month since I was at work. I have actually been to meetings and the running around one does for a new job for the last 2 weeks. But my first real meeting was Aug 5, so yes it is official 1 year and 1 month.

I am beginning to find an interesting pattern in the ebb and flow of my work life.
It seems that I get a full time job that last a year or a few (thank you last job) and I make a good amount of money.  Just when you start to think that you can dig out of a hole or two- wham. No job.
Then I take jobs that are a way to pass the time before I can find another full time job.  Ritz Camera was a really good example of this.

This new job is an in between version of both parts of my work life.

  1. It's not full time.
  2. But it's actually teaching.
  3. It's in a Community College setting. (way cool)
  4. If feels like a lot of pressure right now, but should calm down.
  5. The people I have met that are full timers at the college are awesome, and many of the teachers are also rather cool.
  6. I'm not getting paid very much. I totally miscalculated what I'm getting and almost made myself sick.  But when you look at the actually hours and work - it's not too bad.

So, it looks like I'm in need of a rather part time job.  I do not want to get wrangled into somewhere that wants to make me a manager or full time.  That will be the problem.

Today is the first day of classes.  I'm off to watch someone else wrangle Freshman and then try to do it myself right afterwards.  Hopefully students can find the building we are in.  There are like 8 or 9 single story buildings mostly in L shapes around each other, so you can't see some buildings hiding behind other buildings.
  Plus, the parking up front in going to be over flowing.  I might have to walk a wee bit to get to my building today.  Another good reason to show up way early.  Tomorrow will be harder as my class starts at 8 am.

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