Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Inevitable.

Has anyone ever told you,  "It will work out - just watch."?

I'm sure I've heard that at least a few times in the last year.

Well, I guess it is working out.

I want to Brag, yes my new job is going so well RIGHT NOW that I want to Brag.

But we all know that is probably a bad idea. Because the minute you love something, well something else messes it up.

So, what Can I say without making it go bad.

I work 4 days a week. Awesome.   I teach 2 classes now and 1 class later this semester.  They have something called bi-terms.  It's an interesting concept.

I picked up a few TA like positions. They call it Tutor, but you are more like a helper in the class during someone else's version of the SAME class that I teach.  So, not only do I get practice with what I am teaching, I also get to see how other people teach the same classes. This will certainly help when I get to the point that I have to grade a bunch of papers.

I have been up and down lately with the amount of money I'll make doing this.  I don't want to seem ungrateful, but WHOA - if you thought teaching in a community college as a PART TIME person was the bee's knees.  I am here to tell you that NOPE- the pay is not all that.

The Tutor positions are going to make it possible for me to not lose sleep over my paycheck.  AND I am thrilled that I am going to get a paycheck!!

So click here to see where I actually work....

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