Thursday, November 04, 2004


I think I am going to lose my mind..........

The end of the quarter is tomorrow and wow do I have a nice pile of crap that students will be handing me in order to save their grades.
I know, why did I give it to them the day before???? Well, I haven't had printer ink all week and today was the first time I could actually print anything. Sooooo, there you are.
I think it really woke a few of them up. You can not argue with an F on paper. That is what it says, that is what the computer says. I didn't add it up, the computer did.

Anyway, the big TV saga still continues.

They did not deliver the TV on Tuesday. Tom and I were really not happy. We stopped by Circuit city, after voting, - on our way to ABC warehouse to have it out. Circuit city was willing to grab one and drive it to our house that night. I told this to the guy at ABC.
Well, he panicked and said - what can I do? We wandered around and I sort of decided on the Sony dream system 5 DVD player and surround in ONE little box. HOT DOG They guy gave it to us for his cost, he then gave me speaker wire and two stands to put the front speakers on.
Tom was soo tired, he just sort of stood there looking at the guy, while I was sort of freaking out.

I laughed hard when we left. I noticed our sales guy had a note in his hand that said "She is REALLY Mad." It was underlined too. LOL So, I guess good husband, freaky wife works for us. OH YEAH - The TV - I guess we get it on Saturday. At the same time that DirecTV comes with our new hookup.
I think the money is now gone. YUP that would be about it now.
Nap time.
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