Monday, November 29, 2004

Washers, Rakes and staples- OH MY

What a weekend!!!!!
Where to begin... Ok, first - Dinner at Tom's parents was great. Mom wasn't happy with the turkey, but the rest of us didn't care. I loved it all. Very happy and full. We played Dominos and Tom wasn't happy with the rules. LOL
Thursday night I drove to Michael's house (my brother) and stayed there. Friday morning, Mom, Mike, Ron R and I drove to Tenn to pick up all of Mom's stuff. It was a LONG drive on Friday. We got to town about 4:30pm. We had to hit a couple stores and finally made it to the house. There was plenty of furniture to take apart and finish packing up on Friday night.
Saturday was insane. We went early to get the truck and trailer, the guy at Uhaul was SOOOO slow. We wasted a good hour or so waiting for the guy to finish stuff. I was sort of standing there going, which trailer? Which trailer? I'll go hook it up.
We started loading as soon as we got back. I must inform you that Ron Retzler is a better packer than even I. I was amazed at how well we got everything stuffed into the trailers. The boxes were literally stacked all the way up to the ceiling almost ALL the way back in the truck. I spent a lot of time tying the stuff in. Making sure that if stuff shifted, it didn't have far to go, and could not start an avalanche of boxes.
About 1:30 on Saturday it started to Rain. At least it wasn't a downpour. It just made the ramp slick and a little harder to get things into the truck. Ron and I were pretty much soaked. It rained off and on all the rest of the day. Once we filled the big 20 foot truck, we had to fill the pull trailer with all the stuff in the basement and garage stuff. That was a pain, walking in the wet grass, getting rained on, and trying to put stuff in a Dark trailer. Yes, it was around 6pm by then and well - it was DARK OUT. Plus - I got hit in the Face with a rake. Yes - the infamous metal rake left sitting there- one foot out and WHAM right in the forehead. I have a bump, too bad it's not all colorful now.
Would you believe we got into the trucks and left about 7Pm? We hit Wendy's for dinner and was on the road out of Ooltewah by 8pm. A couple hours later than we wanted to be.
We drove to Lexington, KT. We went to bed around 1am. ewwwwwww
Sunday at 8:00am, we were finally out the door again. After breakfast and stuff. We were still rather starving all day and had to stop outside Toledo around 1pm to eat before it was time to unload the trucks in Monroe, MI. While unloading I did the rest of the damage to myself. The washer started the fun. I was trying to pick up the hose and dragged my face along the stupid plastic clip on the back of the washer to help hold the hose up. (OUCH) I certainly have a mark from that one. Then while digging out some boxes while climbing over furniture, a STAPLE, found it's way into my hand. Luckily I noticed it before bleeding all over the other furniture. I grabbed some water and washed it out and actually had a bandaid in my luggage. LOL
We want to greatly thank, Tim, Allison, and Jason for coming to the storage units to help unload the trucks. I could not believe it.
We started around 3pm and were out the door by 6:00pm. We dropped off the trucks, hit the bathroom and managed to get to Mike's house by 6:55pm. I got home at 8PM on Sunday night.

So, I hope that everyone else got some major sleep over the weekend, because I did not get any at all. I was not happy getting up at 5am today to try and go to work. I'm at work, only because I didn't fall asleep in the car on the way here.

You are probably wondering.... Where was Tom during all of this damaging fun....????
I agree with you. Well, Friday I managed to get him out of the house to buy some Christmas presents during one of the morning sales. As far as I know he also bought me a present, but it might be hiding somewhere. I didn't see it sitting out when I get home last night and didn't have time to look real hard this morning for it.
Saturday, Tom spent the day dying in Everquest 2. LOL He made level 15 and then kept dying. He now has to get enough experience back to redo 15 again. Sunday was the kicker - Tom had to go to WORK. Which is why he wasn't with us. That was awful.
I hope everyone else had a great weekend.
Tam and Tom
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