Thursday, November 11, 2004


I'm already addicted.
Perdita is LEVEL 7 actually - but I have to claim citizenship in Qeynos before it gives me level 7. So I'm level 6 and 132 percent. LOL
I'm going to grab a screen shot and hit the blog with it. I like the game a lot, it is much easier to play with a smaller group of people.
They have the zones split up A LOT MORE. You have to be careful when you log in to make sure that all your friends are on the same "incident" on the same server. Just /tell me and I can inform you how to hook up.
WE are officially on the OASIS server. I liked the name.
I still have to figure out how the Heroic "Thing" is. I can do it for myself, but I don't know how to make it work in a group yet, I don't know the symbols, so it is hard to follow. Basically you have to do specific things in a row to get a bigger slam, or better heal, or better nuke. That will be a learning experience for me. I hate trying to watch stuff on the sidelines. UGH
Hope everyone is raring to go. I'm off the stupid island tonight. I am way behind those who have been playing 48 hours straight now.
See you ONLINE.
Perdita - cleric
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