Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 2

They had us working our butts off last night.
We were in class from 6:30 to 9.  We were out shoo
ting already.

This morning we started at 8:30.  We went out and shot
 stuff again.
Then had to edit it.  No Audio which made it a little easier.

Then we watched them and got slammed.
Then we did an editing assignment.  It is 6:20 and we are getting ready to leave for dinner.
Here is a couple pictures of my room.
The apartment dorm is awesome.  I wish they had these at MSU.  4 bedrooms with good size closets, 2 people share a bath and one kitchen for all 4.
Locks on your own rooms.  I love it.
so, here are a couple pictures....
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