Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 3, I think can't remember anymore and Day 4

So the last two days have been just a great big blur.  Even with them canceling the 8:30 meeting this morning.
On Wednesday we spent a lot of time all morning in different classes.  We had a guy come in from New York talking about letting the students put video up on the internet and have the chance to be on Channel One.  Well, he was in for it with our group.

The things that will go wrong always go wrong.  We gave him a LOT to think about.  He mentioned it was his worse nightmare to be in front of so many teachers.  Ha ha,  he was right.
So here we all our in the main classroom, talking about everything in our funny grey green shirts to identify us on the evil evening trip.

We were sent to Branson, MO. 
Someone described it as Ned Flanders idea of what Las Vegas should really be.  They were right, except it is in the hills much like the Dells in Wisconsin.  They even had DUCKs.  I wanted to go for a ride.
Anyway, we were out taping from 7:30 pm until 9:30pm.  Yes, the sun went down on the interview.  I didn't get quite the footage I needed in order to make the whole thing work quite as well.  The sun going down hurt us a bit.

We didn't back until 12:15 central time.  AHHHH.
Hence the later meeting on Thursday. 
And here is the man who thought up all this crazy stuff, Dave Davis.
He is been a great deal of fun.
He keeps teaching others what to do and steps back for them to do the hard work.  He mentioned that Friday he'll be more in charge as the helpers will all be up till 4 in the morning putting together the show.

Thursday - the evil day.  We wandered in a little late and ran through a ton of stuff.  Then by 11 am we were sitting at editors trying to make a news package out of the stuff we had shot last night.
Ours sounds really good, but visually it does not cut it in my book.  Not enough b-roll to show what we are talking about.
I have some really awesome outside shots of the Titanic experience in Branson.

Ok, so my shot is faked, cause my partner is in another room. 
This is my partner Sherry.   She is so much fun. 
She is from Kentucky and has the cutest accent.
She pulled out the story and I had to teach her to write conversationally.
She was pulling out all these big words.  I kept saying, make it shorter.  Make it clearer.  Make is simpler.

Then I sent the poor girl back the the sound booth to redo our voice overs.  She was being very careful and enunciating everything and talking slow.
Her second try was golden and we have a great audio track.
To bad the video doesn't quite cut it.

Things Tammy should have brought to camp.
New headphones,  Chris I need a new pair of AVG's.

My darn light and battery belt, Even though it weighs 20 pounds.  I needed the light twice this week.  It certainly got dark last night and theaters never have enough light.

Headphone splitter,  people were getting very testy trying to hear their stuff with 20 other people doing the same thing in the same room.  Both of you wear headphones and it can be quite as a church.
Hmm, I need a new tripod.  Anyone wanna get me a Bogen.  Actually I should get one through Naarah, that should be a good idea for Christmas.......
My darn rain gear, got that new jacket and totally forgot it.  That is what I get for cleaning out my car.  
I have had a great week, but I am totally beat.
Looks like I'm stopping in Chicago Saturday night, Christine and I got together finally on the phone and I'll be staying there.  Hurray.
See you all next week.

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