Friday, July 18, 2008

The Party --

I have been informed I must put up pictures from the party.Ok, so until I get permission, you'll mostly see my friends. Some
people brought their young ones and well, I prefer not to
put little kids pictures on the web. Ok, so Andrea said it was ok. But my mom got the
good pictures of Jilly, so you'll just have to wait.
Lets see, the first one is my brother, trying to turn into grisly adams. Then Jason, we had fun in the corner talking for a while. A decent picture of my mom, and picture of Greg eating, but of course.
And a picture of Andrea, Gilly and Carmen. I hope everyone had a great time.
I was a bit busy. I have a job for
the summer, and well with house cleaning going on, I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. I have plenty more to do, so don't fret. Plus I have to get started on Lesson plans for the fall.
I haven't heard if my situation is changing yet, but one can only hope.
I don't
even know if we are getting the equipment we desperately need for the students to move forward in their work.

I leave tomorrow for Springfield MO. Yeah, its way out there in the middle of the country. I get to see St. Louis. So chalk up two more cities that I have visited. I should get to work on my pushpin collection....
Why, you ask?
Television Teacher classes at Drury University and a local high school. A weeklong workshop thing. I am looking forward to it. We'll see how much I remember and how hard they push me. Looking forward to it.

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