Tuesday, July 22, 2008

STN Camp Day 3

Another Long day......

After going a morning of asking each other questions and learning to focus down to the 3 word focus statements, we were sent out to shoot more footage.  It was a silent movie.  We did a lot of pantomiming.
Me freaking out at a bee.  Ok, laugh now.  I'll try to put footage up later.

After lunch and a little meeting we went back into the edit suite to mess with some really bad footage.  We survived and I am getting quite quick with Adobe Premier.  I know I bought the Mac I should be working on the Apple.    But my  group were all adobe people so I am happy to use whatever they wanted.

Once we finally got done, we went to the world famous Lambert's.   Home of the Throwed Rolls.  TOO FUNNY.  Yes, they throw food.  It was fun and it was all you can eat.
No I did not get seconds on my steak.
There we are standing around waiting to go in.  44 of us.  You should have seen the unhappy line behind us.
The last picture is the outside of the apartments.  I know the guys staying in the corner room.  You will probably see my partner in video later.
I am having a good time.   Working my butt off.  Everyone went out to dinner and I did Laundry.  They are all still gone, its 10pm here.  I'm getting ready for bed.  Have a great night.  I'll try to get video up later.
Few days maybe......

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