Friday, July 25, 2008

Last day of STN Camp

You know what,  I'll put pictures up tomorrow.  
I only have 10 minutes before we leave for dinner.

37 of us survived STN BOOT CAMP.  We have told them to change the name.  Although the Description does mention the boot camp style.
Some groups were out until 2 am last night EDITING.  Yes, editing.
We were done around 8:30 and I felt proud of that.

The guys were having a hard time getting the shows done and put together by 3 today.  They didn't quite pull that off.
Yes, there were two shows about 20 minutes long of all our big packages from Wednesday and Thursday.  Luckily there were two edit guys that did nothing else, but they still had a hard time getting it all together.

Well, I'm whipped, it's 5:45 central time and we are off to dinner.

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