Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Yup, just lazy.
Not really, but writing about anything hasn't struck me in a week or so as you can see.

I decided to break it up a bit and tell you what I've been thinking.  HA

WHY - why does it take soooo very long for anyone to decide to have interviews - or at least tell me - you suck and we don't even want to interview you?

WHEN - do I break down and go work at a store or something?   I am about at the end of my rope and I know Tom is at the end of his....

BUT - I have tons of stuff planned this summer.  Like First week of July in Michigan, yup schedule your day now, or come to the party in Mt. Pleasant.

HOW - am I to meet some more people around here without spending a bunch of money?  Should I tell you I considered a country club....  We don't golf so that dropped the price a bit, but still a lot so I'm looking for a health club with a pool...ARG

WHO - do I have to Know around here to get a real job?   I've applied to other than teaching jobs, I'm not completely silly.

WHAT - shall I do with myself.  I enjoy being home a ton, but yeah, I miss having money......

Okay, enjoy - stew in my thoughts for a bit.
I did not want to bore you with these things floating around too much at the front of my brain.
Tom has next week free so I guess that's the last of the fun.  We'll try to go Paddling and do a little sight seeing - probably in Nashville, maybe even hit the Mammoth caves.
We almost went out of town, and then realized - nothing sounded awesome that didn't cost a ton.  boo..
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