Sunday, October 10, 2004

A little sad

Well, it as been a weird weekend. We are supposed to get together with Rob and Naarah and I think they are trapped in the mall. The Jennifer McClintok store is there and well - I bet she is trying on dresses and Rob is crying in the corner.

I have been checking my friends blogs and wow - they get comments on their blogs. I know you are saying - I don't want to sign up to make a comment! You don't have to - you can make an a comment without signing in. Just click on the anonymous thing.......
I know you come look at my blog - the number keeps going up.... But you know, sometimes I want to know what you think of the strange things I find.

Congrats to Chris and Kelly - she is pregnant. WHOHOO. Excitement galore. And your basement is almost done. MINE IS NOT. NO money from the insurance company yet - making it impossible to finish.

We are supposed to go to the cider mill today and then maybe Stout's for dinner. Wow, hanging out with friends. What a concept.

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