Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Tuesday Morning

Dang it, I am beat.
Work is just annoying. The kids are cool. And if I got to spend as much time working with the kids as they expect us to - we could actually get somewhere.
But of course, due to the fight last Wednesday - they ruined a perfectly good 7th hour for me.
I have at least 6 to 8 kids who missed the quiz last Monday. Gee, you'd think with a Sub they might actually just have them sit in the corner and take it, because they didn't do a DANG thing all week. But no, she made them wait till I got back... HMMMM So, I tell them all to come to my class 7th hour to take the stupid quiz. THEN I can't HAVE them 7th hour.
They were all trapped in their first hour class - I had 2 take the quiz. And had to wait for admin to run around like chickens with their heads cut off.
They sent home a form on Thursday or Friday that the students were supposed to bring back - it was about how they get home. (the fight was after school across the street in the shopping center) (they just lost all privledges to go get goodies after school). Of course, Admin did not get the forms to all classes, they also didn't inform the teachers we would be stuck with 1st hour students all of 7th hour and well - once again managed to just peev all of us off.
I know there are some teachers there (especially) the new ones who don't really care or mind about the 7th hour business. Considering they didn't have groups or have no life or just didn't know what to expect. But those of us who have been teaching feel like we are getting smacked every day.
Admin wants us to prepare the students, give them our full atten - and then they sort of make it impossible. Interrupt classes constantly, don't give clear instructions and certainly don't let you know what the plan for the week is before Monday at 11am. When we have to hand over lesson plans before school starts.
I should really make a list. Expected of us, and what they are doing.
I know, every job has it's problems. I'm just not sure how much I am willing to deal with. No, I'm not going to quit. But it makes me not want to put in 100 percent.

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