Thursday, October 07, 2004

Margaret Cho

Wow! Ok, some of you are not going to care at all, but I found (through Blogger fun stuff) that Margaret Cho has her own blog. She has become rather political this year.
Ok, politics aside with her, she is very funny. I haven't read much of her stuff, but the democrats out there would probably enjoy reading her musing and audio interviews with people all over the country. She is even looking for sponsors to do a new TV show.

Work, I'm going and that is about it right now.
Talked to Schawna Thoma last night for almost 2 hours. We caught up on a lot of stuff. Yes, you heard correctly - she lives in Alaska and now works for the Mayor of Anchorage. DANG She said it is fun and crazy. Sounds perfect for her. Oh, the sad news - no TV (which isn't bad), but that means - no John Stewart - we have to remedy that.
Off to work again. Lets see if we can make it through today.

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