Sunday, October 24, 2004


Wow, Saturday was the world of shopping.
Tom actually had the day off work. (I had written this all this morning but the computer acted stupid...)
Anyway - We went to Lazyboy and found a couch. Yes, a sectional. We did not get the whole thing. We got the two ends, without the bed and the corner. So, a chaise and a recliner. We were having a hard time deciding on what we really wanted.
They were on sale and it should be here on the 30th.

Then we actually looked at TV's at the New ABC warehouse in Novi. They took over one of the expensive furniture stores. Surprise, we got a TV. I figured we would just look, but the guy kept dropping the price. LOL Its a Sony, rear projection. We could not afford the thin LCD or plasma TV's. Too much money.
I think a 46 inch is going to be way bigger than expected.

Ok, so that's enough, they are starting to try to put some baseboard down.
I have to get out of the way.
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