Wednesday, May 11, 2005

May, dang it's May

It's May 11th and do you have an outfit for whatever upcoming wedding you are expected to be at.
I certainly don't, and I guess I have to do something about that. I don't even know where I want to start looking? The dress shops that I like are mostly gone, and I don't keep up on any fashions at all. What's right for a 34 year old married teacher to be wearing to a wedding. I will not wear a suit. I don't wear them for work, why in the world would I want to wear one to a wedding.
Work - Yep, still making it there everyday. The last 2 weeks have been very strange. We have an Ed Performance test that all the students must take. Basically we decided it was easier to pull them all from English, because They are always in at least one English class. So, that means I have had 4 days so far that have been messed up by testing. The first two we did all but 1 class. Now, we are getting all the stragglers from all of my classes and the one we missed the first time around.
I am trying to get the students ready to read Julius Cesear - Shakespeare. I started reading it myself. The first act is sort of interesting. Wow, I always forget the millions of allusions that Shakespeare uses. I keep telling the students that they have to know Shakespeare to understand the allusions to everything else they read or watch. Now, I have to dredge up information on all the stuff that Shakespeare alluded to. Oh no. I'm not sure where I will find most of it.

Free time - ok - I don't think I really have free time. BUT - I do have to take reading breaks from the rest of the world. Currently Tom and I are enamored with Lynn Kurland. She writes historical romance novels. Either one or both of the main characters travel from the present to the past or the other way around. In one, they traveled both ways more than once. The stories take place in England and Scotland, two places that I like and would like to see. So, I am enjoying the scenery of it all. I love when the characters drive in the present and talk about the sheep blocking the road all the time. It reminds me of Ireland.

Paul and Michelle just got back from Ireland, they said it was pretty, about 55 and rainy most of the trip. That is why I went in July, it was 65, and mostly sunny the whole trip. But, what are you going to do....

I might start a new blog to write short stories or novels or something. Maybe I can get some of my own poetry done. Let me know if you are interested. Maybe I can add other peoples stuff and we can make it an open blog.

The hour of freedom is up and I have to get back to grading. Ed Performance strikes once again.
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