Saturday, May 28, 2005

Memorial Weekend

We made it......
Well, we haven't heard From Rob and Naarah but that is to be expected. They should be wandering home probably Monday.
Off to print some pictures today. Tom managed to take some good ones. Don't be fooled, he took most of the pictures at the wedding, I was busy dealing with the video.
Don't ask, I haven't watched it. For as much as I love video, I guess I don't enjoy the editing as much as I would like to.
I enjoy the picture montages that I make, so, I need all the millions of pictures from Naarah to start the fun. We don't have 1/2 the pictures that were taken and I really want some of the fun ones that Carolyn and Joel took. They took them out to places on the island to get some cool shots.
Well, hope you have a good weekend. We are trying to.
Tam and Tom
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