Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Hi, we made it home. I was going to post on Sunday night, but the island connection was bad. The whole thing was lovely. Cold, but lovely.
Naarah looked great and Rob can really pull off a kilt. I was impressed that he got his brother Mike to dress funny too. LOL :~)
I forgot how nice the island is as a get away. This was my first time actually staying on the island and it is sooo worth it. I'd love to go when it is warmer, but that is the whole reason you go to the island, there didn't used to be air conditioning, the island stays at least 10 degrees cooler than almost anywhere south of there.
The Horses work HARD on that island. Although they have better hours than most of the human workers. They are 6 hours on, so many off, 6 on and then 24 hours off.

Anyway, it was fun. I have pictures, but you have to wait until I get home. Some pictures are trapped on Naarah's laptop until they get back, but I think we got a good chunk onto Tom's MP# player to bring home and then filled up the card again. Dang, have to get another memory stick before we go traveling again.
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