Thursday, September 16, 2004

Hmm, Ok its Thursday

Hi there,
Wow, made it to Thursday. I can hardly believe it. I even have enough clothes left to make it through tomorrow also.
Not sure what I'll wear next week, but we'll see. :~)

Interesting news stuff- got sent fun online news info:

Resident Evil - a little change -

explanation of the second one: (from my friend Mike in LA.)
"The Onion, America's Finest News Source, is know for its whimsical & absurd articles. In a January 2001 article in its archives, the article titled: BUSH: "Our Long National Nightmare of Peace & Prosperity Is Now Over" was originally written to be so absurd and unbelievable in a humorous way, until now when Dan Chak revisits the article and points out nearly all the predictions have come true:"

The onion predicts:

In the article if you click on the blue words, it takes you to news about that stuff actually happening. One or two of the links did not work, but many did.

Ok, that's today's rant.

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