Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I think I survived the first day???

Other than my feet; ok, I did survive.

It is Tuesday morning and I'm about to run out the door to work. It seems that we survived. Although, I did give out locker numbers that were not correct. LOL So, I have to fix that today. Hopefully, none of the students put locks on the lockers.
My feet are bruised. I never wear heals that long and stand for that long in them. By the end of the day I sat down with the students. At least the 7th hour was my club. Broadcasters.
The good news is - they are already wanting to do fund raisers to get camera's. WOW, that sounds good to me. We might be able to build an entire studio. Just have to pick a room to do it in. I think I know which one, or in the basement.

OH, Michael sent out an email with a link to an article. I'm not sure how many of you he sent it to, but I'm putting it here for you.
I wish I knew how to make the link a different way... OH my computer HTML friends, please let me know......
I also want to know how to make links on the side bar....
I know, LOOK IT UP.

Anyway. I think we might make it through today. My tenth graders are going to be a little tough to crack. Some have major attitudes. Well, I have to get to work and make seating charts. Later
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