Thursday, September 09, 2004

What a week....

Oh my, I'm not sure I am ready for it to be Thursday already. Dang, so much work to do....
We spent yesterday finally scheduling the sophomore class. I think it was crazy to have us do it. I am so not ready for school to start. I'll know all the kids, but have nothing to teach them the first week...... UGH
Today I hope to get my computer installed... We sort of did and didn't pass inspection. They had to move all the emergency escape windows in our rooms. Now we all have a gap in the wall that has to be filled yet. I couldn't believe they didn't do it right the first time.
Have to get my hair cut tomorrow. The Carpet is supposed to come on Saturday. And we don't have any money from the insurance yet.
I also need to get my nails fixed. Getting a tad too long to type. Better do that today.
Should have pictures tonight. I finally got some stuff up in the classroom.
I have to tell you that the trip to the Secondary Teachers store was a little scary. I was really impressed, the amount of stuff was amazing. Just a little hard to go through some of the stuff.
Well, off to work.
Want to see what traffic is like at this time.
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