Monday, September 20, 2004

Monday and Tired

But, I guess that will be standard operating procedure....
I just can't get up later yet. Besides, Tom wakes me up.. lol

We hit Ren Fest yesterday and saw Tammy and Tabatha. I couldn't believe it, they came in a Limo with a bunch of Tammy's Dancing friends. That was really cool. Of course, I forgot to take a picture of them, they were dressed up. I have a couple pictures of Tom and I and have to post them.
It was hot, in the sun, but rather nice all day. Couldn't get a turkey leg, only 2 places had them and the lines were way too long. And not moving. hmmm

OH YES, they rebuilt a ton of the buildings. New Faces - made a very nice impression. Mostly the food sections, but they were looking sad as it was, so I was really pleased with the look. Of course, the sun was behind all the new buildings, so taking pictures was a waste of time.

Well, off to another crazy day with the students.
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