Wednesday, September 01, 2004

OH MY GOSH - It's September

Welcome to Old Redford Academy.

We had Freshman orientation yesterday and will have sophomore orientation today. I will have every single sophomore that goes to the school. I have all (4) the sophomore English classes AND a Speech class. So, I guess I'll see some of the Juniors.

I did some decorating to my room. Trying to bring down the echo level. The ceilings are high and too many flat services. Used fabric instead of paper on the bulletin boards. Posted some pictures.

TOM painted one wall last night with the base coat I picked out. GORGEOUS. I love it. I bought a quart to see if it works. So now I have to buy tons more. Please let me know what you think, check out the pictures. I really need help coming up with the color for the Inside of the bookshelves. Should I leave them white, or a major contrasting color? Mom said she would help rag paint the walls. We might try to do it in the bedroom area - and if we can handle it, I may try. But, I will certainly be able to live with this color until mom can come visit.

Well, I have to run out the door to school.

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