Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Last weekend of Freedom

IT is finally here.
School Starts on Monday. I think we are sort of ready. The copy machine showed up on Friday, but we were all in a major long (ALL DAY) meeting that made it impossible to do anything.
Plus, we still do not have computers running in our rooms. I heard they were moving some on Friday night after I had to run out. I would have stayed, but I had a hair appointment. I am not getting up at 5 am just to waste 30 minutes doing my hair.
So, my suit is cleaned, my hair is cut, my nails are done, but the school is not ready. We are still missing 3 or 4 teachers. We need 2 science and a computers teacher, and something else. They are looking into another health/gym teacher.

OH YEAH - we learned that like most OLDER school built by the Catholic Church, there are tunnels all over the school. The easiest ones to get to are in the locker rooms. Hmmm, no wonder you can't find the students. I remember the tunnels at St. Mary Academy in Monroe (no I never went in them). There was also a tunnel in the Marysville High School - it has a auto locking door, if you go in- you aren't coming out.
SO, no Gym classes for a while and the fire inspector and the architect are looking at the shape of the gym and the giant bonus room under it. We hope they can come to an agreement quickly, because it will be a horribly wasted space.
So, that is it for now. I think the carpet is coming today, and lots of work to do this weekend. Our football team will be getting trounced by Bishop Foley in Royal Oak today at 2pm. Have a nice weekend.


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