Sunday, August 07, 2005

Last day of Freedom

At least I think it is my last day......
I have not heard from work. It is just like them. The small things always go flying under the rug and they forget the little things. Like calling teachers to tell them when and where to be on the first day back. Unless they changed the schedule again and whatever?

I have been updating myself with everyone else's blogs. Sometimes I get busy (or go out of town for almost 3 weeks) and forget to check up on everyone else. Sorry, it has taken me a while to even get back to my own blog.

Some People wanted ALL the pictures from Wisconsin and Minnesota posted, NOT gonna happen. For one, Tom and I took over 200 pictures. I did get 91 printed at costco (sorry all the Ritz people - but I can upload them now AND get them cheaper). If I have your email and thought you might be interested - I sent you an invitation to go check out the ones I had printed.

As some of you know - I have been working on a DVD of Naarah's wedding and photo's that at least 6 of us took. I started adding up the hours in my head and realized that I have at least 5 days (8 hours or so) wrapped up into that work. Now, everyone is always complaining about how much it costs to get someone to tape things, or Photograph stuff and I can tell you - it is not just showing up - taking pictures and getting it printed.
I gave Naarah 2 versions of the wedding yesterday. They wound up staying rather later waiting for it to burn again. It seems I just can't spell her name. Don't ask me why, I just get it wrong all the time. At least that wasn't all I was fixing in the video.
Anyway, I am now doing the tape back up version of the whole thing. Let's just say, I was really busy when I made mom's first two DVD's and well, Now I am paying for not doing the TAPE backup.
OK, So back to my point. The next time you hear that someone pays $1000 + for their wedding video (and it looks anything or better than mine) you should be impressed. If they pay $2000+ and don't have more than one camera (they may have been gipped) depends on if they are using big ole' 3 chip or new HD cameras. You got to pay for that stuff.

Now I remember WHY I did not go into doing wedding videos as a job. The stress of doing it right (without equipment failures) and making it look like the vision in the parents or who ever is paying for it's head is way too much for me. Not to mention lighting (a problem at Naarah's wedding) audio (which I had mostly covered) and a million other little things.

The funny thing is. I do miss spending more of my time editing. It is as addicting as playing Everquest 2. I know I don't mention playing much (because most people wouldn't get it) but I am just as addicted as most people like to joke about it. Editing can be a lot like playing the game. You keep finding little things to fix. And in no way am I a perfectionist!!!!!
If it didn't take so darn long to have the computer make it all perfect and then burn it, I would probably be fixing things forever. Naarah's wedding video is 52 minutes long. It takes at least an hour to Render the show and another hour or so to burn it to DVD. It took at least An hour and 15 minutes to get it to Render for the tape layoff and now it will take exactly 55 minutes to put it out to tape. AND during all that time - I can't play my game or anything else on that computer - and everyone wonders why I insist on having 2 machines.

I have to admit - that I have a nice computer. When I know what other people are using for home stuff. That would be this computer that I am posting and emailing and playing with pictures on and compare it to the video computer - DANG.
And you know, I still don't have enough Ram, or a fast enough Chip set - I need the dual processor set up. Then it might not take as long. HA HA Nope, then I'd just add more impressive things to the video to bog the computer down more.
Yep, I certainly would.

Oh yeah, I got a green screen this summer (updated editing program and got it) so, if you want to be the weather man or umm, something else like that - I'm game. I hate having new toys I haven't played with yet.
Well, have a good day.
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