Friday, August 26, 2005

Our First Year - Number 2

Our First Year - Number 2
Hey, just checking everyone's blogs. WOW, people have been updating.
I finally caught up on some blogs that Naarah has linked to on her blog. Rat boy is a Wee bit behind there laddie.
Carrie finally posted.
I also watched someone's black and white footage of their cat.
Ok, I found it really funny because they play some of the games that I used to play with our cats. The one labled Halloween reminds me of many days I was so very happy the cats were missing front claws.

Once again, I survived a week of school and feel like we got SOMETHING done. We really needed to get the students used to a schedule. The last two days I have asked them, "what do you do in Mrs. Frederick's class after the bell rings." Some of them were very clueless, but happily almost all of 4th hour got it right on the nose. (BTW - we do Journal entries and then do the Wordly Wise homework.)
I graded two hours worth of 3 paragraph essays today. I couldn't take it anymore and went blog hopping. My 2nd hour class has 29 students in it. That is a lot of horrible grammar to wade through.

I also thanks the lords of Freon. The weather has peaked at 80+ the last few days and today if I didn't have Air in the classroom, I may have done something drastic. Lets just say stuffy and a little bit rank in the hygeine area on someone.

Well, off to do the school blog.
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