Sunday, August 14, 2005

Some pictures and SPAM

Ok, for those of you dying, there are some pictures.
OK - slightly angry at Blogger for losing the RANT part of this blog. It was in the middle- how did it do that???
Could they have decided to edit me - how that quickly - people put porn on their blogs and I get edited. I think it just all screwy.

But my main concern this morning is that I got a SPAM comment on my blog. I am trying to decide if I want to be mad, depressed, impressed or what?
MAD - how dare someone post a SPAM in a comment - get your career started call us today...
Depressed - How low can you go??? You have that much time to post comments on blogs, or someone is paying you to sit there and paste that comment on how many blogs a day. How much do you get paid for such a demeaning job.
Impressed - That someone other than friends have actually looked at my blog. LOL Sure, ok they probably were just passing through.. But - they could have looked at my rambling post and realized, cool a teacher with something to say... I doubt that.
WHAT? - You put all those feelings together and get what? I have posted and sort of kept up this blog for over a year. (Much better than some people I know.) I try to make it interesting with pictures, which is what most of you want to see.
So yeah, Spam on a blog. How sad......

I have to bad mouth a company..... (reinserted) Bluestarshows (Computer shows)

(shortened- for having to redo)
At the Novi Expo center this weekend Bluestarshows came in with computer stuff. If you know me, I have been buying and putting together computers for 7 years or so now and been going to that show for a long time.
WELL - IT SUCKED. It is now a crappy laptop and some printers and major bad software show. Oh yeah, don't forget the crappy gold jewerly and car audio shakers - boom machines. I went in looking for USB Floppy drives - hmm $12 to get in and you want $40 and only one place had them. I could walk across the street to Compusa and probably get one for that. WITHOUT THE $12 entrance fee. $5 for parking and $8 to get in.
I didn't mind paying to get in when I could buy something cheap, but walking out empty handed and mad at all the pricing on what little they had, STUPID.

I saw harddrives at the show for the same price as STAPLES 15 minutes earlier when I went to get stuff for school.

So now, I want my money back. I need to email the company and complain. That computer show used to be great. I understand the overstock and eBay and everyone else online has really cut into their business, but man I was really disappointed. I have gotten several computers and parts for myself there, and the following people computers or a lot of parts there, Tom , Paul L and Jane. It was where I enjoyed shopping. Now it is like a stupid flea market. I swear I saw more stuff at the Gibraltar Trade center shows and that only costs what $3 or $5 to get in.

That's my two cents.
OH, The kids start school Tomorrow. We are 15 teachers short..... Make of that what you will.

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