Friday, August 26, 2005


Yup - I'm looking forward to Prom. (ALREADY)

It seems that As the Seniors English teacher I am really the only one that has them all together in class. All their other classes are split with other students. So, they sort of asked me to be their sponsor.

Hey, works for me. So, I remember how much I enjoyed my Senior Prom. We had it on the Star of Detroit (oh so long ago) and I thought what better place to have prom than the new Detroit Princess. If you haven't seen the commercials or heard it on the radio, there it is on the website. I have been dying to go see it. Now I have an excuse.

I understand how our CEO of the School thinks. Trapping the students on a boat for a couple hours is something he would go for. They can not leave, they can not come late, they will be under control the whole time. Hard to hide booze getting on a boat. :~)

Hmm, gonna need Photographers.... Do I know any? But you need backgrounds or maybe not, they might have a pretty corner?

Anyway, yes, we talked about Prom today. Hope we can find a way to afford it.
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