Monday, November 07, 2005


Ok, so the colors were pretty nice this year.
If you haven't looked outside today, the wind took almost everything away yesterday. I haven't looked outside, but I was in it yesterday. We finally buttoned up the house. Found the storm windows for the basement and put in the big glass door on the front.
You would not believe the difference that door makes. I want a new front door, but I am terrified to ruin the seal of the storm/screen door and figure they would just tear it up if I put in a new door.
Everquest 2 will be a year old on Wednesday, are you ready for the fun. I will get a new title on the front of my main character, as I have played all year- "The Loyal". LOL Actually the bad news is, that our guilds on my server SUCK big time. We have like 50 guilds with an average of 10 players per guild. Or else it seems that way because I NEVER see anyone in my guilds (2) and also never see more than one or two people with the same guild name on.
We all need to De-guild and start again, but wait you lose all your points. CRAP I guess I'll have to do that again.
Oh well, that idea blew.
Need a fax machine today, hmm. Guess I'll get Rob and Narrah to stop at UPS store, they are kidnapping me to a cider mill. Ok, I have cider, but the donuts sound good.
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