Thursday, November 10, 2005

Tammy Needs:

Ok, I finally did it.
I typed in on Google - Tammy Needs.
And this is the garbage I got back.

1. Tammy Needs To Know is a performance installation that incorporates autobiographical text, original music and audience interaction. (ok so I'm going to perform in public?)

2.Tammy Needs to Find showtimes, cast and crew listings, reviews, and more for Broadway and OffBroadway shows.

3. Tammy needs (in the UK) Comprehensive and up-to-date guide to What's On in the UK, including live music, clubs, cinema, comedy and theatre.

4. Tammy needs: a new home. (Why? What's wrong with the one I have?) Tammy needs:a group in Spokane. (I do? I've never been to Spokane. ...

5. Tammy needs more opportunities to be creative. (I can handle that one)

6. Tammy needs all information by January 5th, 2003 in order to post it on the website. (I'd like to know which website though.)

7. Tammy needs a fan blowing on her constantly. Tammy needs a new brain. Tammy needs to put the fork down and take care of herself ... (getting a little pushy)

8. Lois Weaver's solo performance installation What Tammy Needs to Know was presentedat Dixon Place in February 2004. (It seems that I am actually a musical or something.)

9. Tammy needs constant care. You can feed her, put her to sleep, play music, play cards, teach her, give her medical care, punish her, and clean her area. ... ( I must be a pet- down farther I saw it again and I think I'm a virtual fish)

10. Tammy should not marry him until she finds out. I know Tammy needs to find outmore about him. Why don't Jonathan tell Tammy him and Ava are married. ... (I am also on a soap opera.)(eww and bad grammar)

I guess I have a fairly interesting life. I also work in real estate, I'm in charge of posting things on web sites and promotions. The musical or play thing really interests me, they keep mentioning that I need to get tickets to my own show ( What Tammy Needs to Know).

It was as horrible as I thought. Hope you found it at least a little entertaining.
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