Saturday, November 26, 2005

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Ok, this was bugging me - Radio.
There are 3 or 4 kinds of radio now. Ok regular AM and FM radio - boring except for NPR and one or two other things. I like Bob and Tom in the morning, but they don't play in my area, I'm lucky if I get them off the Toledo station.
Internet radio - you can listen to almost anything you want, depending on if you can find it. There are probably 20 to 50 providers of something and always NPR and the archives, which can be even better than what is on right now.
XM satellite or Sirus radio - Tried listening to that yesterday while working on the ceiling. XM is now on our DirecTV satellite - it used to just be whatever DirecTV did, now they make it easier on themselves and play someone else's play list.
But here is the kicker - I put it on 80's music figuring I would enjoy myself. I listen to the Best of the 80's on Yahoo radio. HUGE DIFFERENCE.
XM plays whatever Crappy 80's song they can dig up, at least Yahoo tries to make a distinction between something that came out in the 80's and something that hit a chart. Tom puts up with what I listen too a lot, but dang Even I didn't want to listen to the XM radio anymore.

We were working on the basement ceiling, yes, I know
This is what it is supposed to look like.

This is what most of the ceiling still looks like.

Yup, still got a ton of work to do.
Have to shorten all the metal pieces, because with the drywall you lost a 1/4 in at least and everything else .
Well, at least you can walk down the stairs and the ceiling is done all the way to the far wall in front of the book shelves.
Did I say I hate ceiling tiles? Well, I do.
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