Monday, November 21, 2005

The Weekend is over already?

Yes, we saw Harry Potter along with everyone else who considers themselves even a little bit nerdy. It was a rather packed theater on Friday night - 7:30 show. Yes, I know, if we had gone later it would have certainly had a few less children. But, now that everyone goes to our movie theater I doubt it would have mattered either way.

Yes, I must speak on that. The Emagine Novi theater.
It opened in 2002 and we started going there after the theater over by Costco started having really terrible sound, and the AMC 20 was always packed.
There were almost no people at any of the showings. Even when a couple of restaurants opened in the same area. Basically it was ok until the day they opened Lucky's Restaurant and gaming center. It has a bar and games and draws lots of people. You thought I was going to say Hooters, nah - it brought a lot more people but not that many. (Interesting link, you may find funny.)

So now, you can't just wander in and get a good seat anymore. You have to plan, like going to the AMC 20. That sucks. I guess we could get tickets on Fandango or something but come on, that takes the fun out of just going to the movies... Oh well.

Now, I won't say that I don't like Lucky's. Because I do like the place. I have had a good time there more than once. But, I guess I miss having the movie theater all to ourselves.
Now, Homework, eww.
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