Friday, November 11, 2005

Oh how sad, Nothing better to do than Blog.

It seems this is becoming my daily ritual. Read everyone else's Blog and then come back and put stuff up on Mine.
You have to go see Naarah's for the link to the Upside down Christmas trees. People will do anything they see in a dang store.
You have to read Carrie's blog for a new word in my world. "Chunter" I have to go look that on up.

Yesterday I went to sort of an interview. Hurray you say....
Well that depends. Am I going to change my world again? Especially have the thousands of dollars spent on becoming a teacher.
The interview - what for you ask - Real Estate Agent.
Ok, you ask - WHY? Well, if you know me - I hit the open houses all around me and always check out the condo's that have been going up. Oh yeah, funny, the agent who helped Tom buy this house now works at the office I went too. They asked how my own experiences had gone and I was talking about how nice our agent was and BAM, the lady said, "Oh, she works here now."
WHY NOT? Have to take a class and pay money. Have at least $100 to $200 a month in payouts to use all the computers and stuff. Have to knock on doors and work weekends. (ok, done weekends before, but knocking on doors - I quit Avon rather than do that.)

The question becomes, do I want to try every job in the world? I have done Fast Food, I have done retail as an associate and a Manager. I have working in Public Access Television, and even some advertising while I was there. I'm a teacher and a substitute teacher. AND Sort of, but not really a horse trainer and farm kid.

I guess I should go bug the people at PBS, now that they are down the street and around the corner.

Tom says take a couple more classes in Winter semester and try to get finished with my masters. Oh fun. No, really it is a good idea. When else am I going to have this kind of time other than over the summer.

Alright, off I go to pick up my employee file.
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