Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Sorry, Naarah
I claimed that I had put stuff up on my own blog about Halloween candy and in actuality I had put comments on everyone else's blogs on the topic, sooooo - it's not here.

Halloween candy - Tom bought big bars this year. We have to compete with the neighbors across the street. Long ago and far away I posted about their Christmas decorations and they were named "Rainbow F-in Randolph" in honor of "Kill Smoochie". They decorated the big tree out front in 10 different colors of lights wrapped up the trunk. They have younger girls.
Lets see if I can find a picture....
Nope, sorry - from the 2 mega pixel camera or a 35 mm pic. So, I'll have to scan it when I find the hard copy.

OK - so the whole point of that.
The people across the street spend a lot of money on holidays. Including Halloween and all the kids want to hit their house for candy, because of all the giant blow up spiders and crap in their yard.
Those kids who did come to our door got the big bars and Tom was so excited to hear them walk away going OOOHHH. I was also the only person to identify a child as a Bionical and he seemed rather impressed.

What else is going on...
I have seen the new buildings that Tom wanders out the door to supposedly go to work everyday now. Nice looking place, they were putting in a new sidewalk so that they can stay out of the street when going from one building to the other.
The funny thing is that most of you know what he is doing but to post it here would be bad - he is really in the Research and development with Chrysler now and well, the new car has not been announced. OPPs. They have a ban on picture cell phones in the testing area he goes to at the big Chrysler plant over there off 75.

Hopefully we will get Tom's Jeep back today. I'm tired of being without a car to drive. Yes he stole the Grand Marquis and left me stranded at home. I have to call someone to see if they will pick me up now for a lunch.
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