Sunday, February 26, 2006

MSU Orchid Show

Today Paul and I went to the MSU Orchid Society show.
Basically the Greater Lansing Society talks MSU into letting them use a greenhouse on Campus for the show. They have the orchids themselves judged and then there are displays done by the different societies and a couple of sellers.

Here are some of the different flowers that I found interesting. Ok, so I took a ton of pictures and these were some of the better ones.
Currently I am a little jeleous of Paul's digital camera. He can get much closer to the flowers and really get good pictures..

The one on the left here is sort of one that I brought home.
I know, a live plant.. I will probably kill it, but I have a total back up plan..
We will wait until it finishes blooming and then I am going to give the plant to Paul to take care of until either it dies or he manages to get it to bloom again.
He basically laughed at the idea. Hey, do what you have to to get the plants to live.

In other news, I have a major bite on my left fore finger. It seems that Winslow and I are having a little trouble right now.
He is not enjoying the medication and I think he blames me for everything. Well, He is mostly right. Arg..
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