Monday, February 20, 2006

Something other than Pigs??

You must be insane.... They are my life.
Anyway - a short update in the life of Guinea Pigs.. Winslow is at the Vet, he was neutered today and at last notice he woke up fine. He needs to eat and poo before he can come home.
The girls are in good shape - Laverne and Shirley. I can tell them apart now- sort of.

Other stuff...
I have applied for 2 jobs at University of Michigan.
The good news is that they do try to keep you informed. I got email giving me an ID number and Email telling me I was put in for the two different jobs. They will call for interviews or email to tell me that someone else got the job. I feel they are very nice for doing all of that.

I spent Sunday helping Tom's parents re-wire their sound in the living room. Dad got a new sound system and wanted to use his original (still very nice) speakers. They officially have 6.1 surround and HD TiVo coming TODAY. I hope the guy hooking it all up doesn't mess up all the work I did.
They made dinner and we all watched a movie. Dad was soooo happy about being able to hear people speak. The last center back speaker is sort of a twin to the one that usually sits on the top of the TV. He bought a BOSE for the same price as another center channel front speaker, so now speech in Movies REALLY sounds good.

Did I mention we got a electric fireplace for the basement?
Yup, hopefully better use of electricity. I managed to keep the gas bill down this past month, but will the electric bill go up way too much to compensate??
Tom's parents are looking at the Corn Burners........
Might be an interesting option for us. It would go right in the FirePlace and replace the REALLY CRAPPY gas logs that do nothing other than look pretty. It costs too much to run the regular fireplace (gas) and all we really get is the pretty flames (no heat.)
I MISS HEAT coming out of a fireplace....
Do you remember the insert that was in my parents house in Monroe? You could feel it from the Kitchen Table. Don't stand too close or your leg hair would burn off.. Oh how I miss that.
So, maybe in the fall we'll get one installed. Cut down on the Gas we use for sure.

Ok, off to get ready for school....
I want to pick up Winslow, but they are keeping him for observation for a few hours. Tom may have to get him after work......
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