Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wacky weekend.......

I have to tell you it was a very busy and FUN weekend.
Friday, Tom and I drove to Rob and Naarah's. We went out to cracker Barrel for dinner and enjoyed that. We were near the fire, but a little closer to smoking than we would have liked. Then we played Mario Cart. Ok, Nintendo is old school, but they have really upgraded much of what they do. The game was fun. Then we played Mario Party cruise or something. It came with their box. You actually have to use a microphone for part of it.
We think Naarah lost a round because the Mic picked up one of the birds squawking.
Anyway, I had a good time holding Monty (guinea pig) and lots of other animal petting going on.

Saturday, Tom decided he wanted the pork roast done, so we worked on that. Of course we invited Paul to partake with us, and then we played Triominos. Not nearly as involved as Dominos can be, but fun all the same.

Sunday, I just did not want to get up. But finally I did and whirlwind day it was. Naarah even called to say - hey you are later than expected - what's up??? Joel (Ritz guy) wanted to go shoot cemeteries. Some of you are thinking, "WHY"? Well, there is really cool architecture in cemeteries and we went to the fanciest one I have been to in Michigan. Woodlawn - Anyone watch the Rosa Park's Funeral - yup, that is where they took her.
unfortunately, she was unavailable for pictures. It was Sunday and the Chapel they have her in is locked up on that day. We'll have to stop by during the week or on Saturday to see where she is for the moment.
I think they are trying to figure out what to do. Woodlawn has some REALLY fancy mausoleums. I have never seen such big ones before. Sure I have been by a few fancy cemeteries down south, but this was impressive. Dodge has Sypinx's sitting on the front steps, and some guy named Wilson has this huge pink thing that reminds me of the old Ford Auditorium. The really fancy one that burnt down. ( I see pictures of it all the time at art shows.)
There were three Ford crypts that were really boring. I think the big guy is buried somewhere else. Of course if you look around you can recognize so many famous names from Detroit. All those streets you drive on, well the guys they are named after are buried at Woodlawn.
The weather was nice, just enough snow to make things look cool and plenty of sunshine to make the stained glass look great. Enjoy a few pictures. I forgot to put one in, so I'll add it to this...
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