Saturday, February 04, 2006

World according to Winslow

Even though my own world tripled in size in the last two weeks, it seems that I am still missing out on so much more space.
Each time that a she giant picks me up, I always try to get to the floor in order to check out the whole space. I have seen some of it, before she puts me back into whatever place I'm living in.
Last night the world got much bigger.
I found this pink thing in my cage and decided to check it out. The door on it closed and I found myself floating in the air. It was a slightly queasy sensation, they kept giving me carrots and celery. Mmmmmmm (crunch)

Well, it seems we went for a "Ride" at least that seems to be what she said, and I woke to find myself looking at my smaller space, but with food and my toys in it. The air smelled different, but it was my stuff. There were more large "people" around and lots of noise.

They ate food and even shared some with me. Spinach, carrot, lettuce and some red stuff, I liked all of it. They sat around and moaned, I think they were full. I just enjoyed all the new green stuff that kept showing up.

But then, something horrible happened. They took me out and were trying to take my toes off. I was extremely unhappy about the whole situation. I bit the big she at least once and then chewed on this really bad tasting big he hand. (I think he was wearing a thing called a glove.)

They finally put me back in my space and left me alone. They laughed and I heard weird snoring and that TV thing making noise. (I had some big huge tan and white animal try to stick their nose in my face. I was pretty much ignoring them. Didn't smell very interesting.)

After a while the big she stuck me back in the pink thing. When we went out, it was really dark. I could barely see to eat the celery they gave me to eat. I sort of curled up in the corner to relax when hurray, I was moving again and found myself looking at my blue floor. I could see the water bottle and even my piggloo. They left me alone finally. Sleeping was a good thing....
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