Monday, April 08, 2013

Blue tooth, iPhone 5 & directions

I learned something new on this trip.
First- my Garman has been acting weird, just when you get close to where you are going and really need turn by turn it would crap out.
So I did not even try hard to find the Garman. I knew I could use my phone for the worst bits.
I've tried doing the new Siri assisted directions before. It did Not work well in my car - I have Bluetooth into the stereo for phone calls and even music. But her intermittent talking for the directions would get scrambled because of the Bluetooth.
This time I did not stop Pandora from playing when I needed some direction around Indianapolis. Guess what- Siri started talking right over top Pandora. The Bluetooth connection was already open - so Siri did not have any trouble speaking to me.

That is my newest lesson from my phone.
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