Sunday, April 14, 2013

Settling In....

We have been in Kentucky for over a week now.

It feels really weird.  Most of the time we are busy trying to find things, or trying to put the house together.  I have almost all the clothes put away, I have 2 bags I've been avoiding.  I don't know why, I just don't feel like doing it.

I put the spare bedroom together some.  It needs a lot more work, but I rearranged some boxes and managed to squash some more things down.  The bed is made and ready for visitors, but not much room in the closet. Ah well, there are a couple drawers empty. :~)

The Living room seems to be the state of flux.  Tom keeps moving things around, he's not sure where he really wants stuff.  I think we are waiting at least a month to look for shelving.  We wandered around that first day looking mostly for a desk for me, but certainly for shelving too.  It seems that Ikea really does have the most options, I've seen other cool shelving, but never in a store - so where are they buying it???  

We have been discussing the master bathroom.  We have two shelves from Ikea we can put up in there.  My first thought was over the toilet  but the shelves are way longer than that space - so why cut them down, find something closer to the right size- I know Ikea has them.  Check my Pinterest to see what I'm talking about.  But those shelves may wind up on another wall.  We are thinking on the one between the tub and the shower.  Put one low enough to put things on for being in the tub and Another higher for decorative or storage.

Speaking of Pinterest, I know most people think its silly, well that silliness has given Tom and I several ideas that we would have never thought of; including - how to clean a microfiber couch, how to keep your rugs from sliding around and how to clean your washing machine.  I still have to clean the dryer screen.  
It's also giving us some ideas for outside and storage options to make the house feel better and not so crazy.  We still have a ton of boxes in the garage, I have to go work on my teacher stuff again.  It's mostly in crates and that's not going to work when the mice decide paper is good enough to eat and nest in.  So, I'll need to transfer that stuff to the empty plastic totes from all the kitchen stuff.  The good news is most of the kitchen stuff is fitting just fine in the kitchen, we even noticed that we hadn't put anything in one under section and we really do have enough drawers. YES!

Other news:  I guess I'm on a fitness plan of sorts.
        My neighbor asked if I wanted to do a Fun 5K walk for the Humane society in Bowling Green.  Even if I hadn't been to the Humane society here and almost cried, I probably would have done the walk.  
  Tom and I went over there to get tags for the boys.  We want to take them to the Dog park and the signs there say they need tags to be in the park to show you got their shots.  The boys were thrilled - we finally took them to the park yesterday.  It is BIG, they do have the small and big dog sides and the big dog side is as big as both big dog sides in Michigan at the one on Pontiac Trail.  Right now there is no shade on the space that looks like they could put a shade up, hope they do soon.
    Anyway - the Humane society down here is REALLLLLLLLY busy. They have over 200 dogs on a regular basis and they shipped 105 or more the other day north to other rescues.  There seems to be big Pit bull fighting going on down here.  $5000 reward if you can get fighting or people involved busted.  They won't let a Pit bull out of the rescue without getting chipped, so they can prove who owns it.  They need to invest in a few GPS chips for the Pit bulls to catch these people.  

The fun walk is Saturday April 20, and I have been walking everyday.  I did over a mile yesterday and almost a mile today.  Trying not to over do it before the big day and then not be able to walk at all.  We've taken the dogs for a walk almost every day last week.
  I'm walking farther most days and not feeling quite as whipped yet.  I was terribly sore from weed whipping last weekend, but this moving stuff has been keeping me moving.  

And I'm sorry to tell you all, I LOVE THE Weather here right now.  It's been in the 60's or 70's almost every day since we got here.  We had one day of rain and a couple of chilly.  This is SUCH a big difference from Michigan already.  Spring has sprung here, sorry you are all still suffering.  Of course, I'll try not to be the big cry baby this summer when it's 90+ here and it's only about 80 there.  Ok, you probably have a ton more to do.  Later
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