Monday, April 22, 2013


Yup - just walking.
As of today I've averaged almost a mile + a day walking around my neighborhood.

Saturday I tried a 5K walk for the humane society of Bowling Green. Tom and Stephanie blew me out of the water. They paced close to 15 or 18 min a mile to my normal 25 or so. I was getting tired after the first mile. 5k = 3.? Miles.

I was walking with a nice lady and her greyhound. Wow. She talked my ear off. That was ok- I was getting tired and couldn't talk anyway. We cut the corner at the back end to catch up with Tom and Stephanie - and Tom starts dragging me and I couldn't talk and was breathing hard. He's like- come on. Ugh.
He and Stephanie could have run the whole thing.
Sadly that is one activity that I hated beyond anything else. I can not run. Between my weird knees and now the weight - running is not something I can do.

So I'll walk.

At home Taking the boys is getting a little annoying. They love going for a walk, but to them it means stopping to sniff everything in sight and then peeing 50 times.
Today they walked almost a 1/2 mile then I dropped them off and walked more than a mile without them.

I'm sure I'm going to get bored walking my neighborhood soon enough.
I found yesterday that there are some trails out behind Lost River Cave that people walk and jog. Some one posted a run with the camera strapped to the dogs back. It was cute.
That is also next to the dog park.

I'm not really losing any weight - but I feel a bit better. And I will admit I LOVE the weather here right now. Especially when I hear how crappy the weather is in Michigan. The hottest so far was 85 and coldest was 32 at night. Average is about 55 right now. Getting closer to 70's every day.
A couple people have warned me that it will get into the 80's soon and not come back down. Bummer.
At least the Heat/Air pump now works. I thought it seemed a bit weird the air wasn't really cold and the heat seemed weak. Well it Really was!!! The motor power switch was burnt out. So the big fan that actually does most of the work was not turning on.
I wonder how long it has been that way. I can't imagine this past winter being very comfortable that way. Brrrrr.
It makes me fear the electric bill. Because it was using the back up electric heaters to help keep the house warm. Ewww.
The ceiling fans made it almost livable without the air, but the house at 80+ everyday would have killed me. I can leave it around 78 in the summer. But that was with the basement to hide in. Not sure what I'll be able to take here.

Well I need to talk to Marvin and clean some. Tom said some guys are coming down from Michigan to the plant this week. So it looks like he wants to cook one night.
Place isn't that bad but I miss my cleaning fairy. :-).

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