Saturday, April 06, 2013


I can hardly believe it has happened.

I'm sitting in our new house relaxing in Bowling Green, KY.
The last few months went by in a blur of packing, running with friends and trying to see as many people as possible.
Tom was beginning to wonder If he would ever see me again; for most of February I was off running with Deedra and who ever else appeared. I'd come home for a few days, pack more stuff and run right back out the door.
The last few weeks were spent agonizing over the amount of stuff we needed to get rid of and what I really needed to keep.
Thanks to everyone who took tables, chairs, desks, dishes, bookcases and misc everything else. We still brought too much. We have a couple pieces of furniture that really do not match anything else and should probably be rehomed.
I really have to thank Minion for the hours and hours of help getting the house ready to go. Without her help, I think I would have sat in the corner and cried. Her being a neutral party in the packing process helped me be able to get rid of things much easier.

I'm still marveling at the new house. It's weird having the kitchen and the TV in the same space, I'll have to get used to that. Our bedroom is way bigger than the one In Wixom - I have a chair and a bookshelf in there now and it looks like my computer is going in there as well.

Moving was a bit exciting. I can not believe how happy I am that I did not have to schlep those boxes on and off a truck. The truck driver was amazing. He'd been on the road 6 weeks and was heading home after my load. His packing ability was amazing. I should have taken pictures. Boxes right up to the ceiling of the truck. Then the plastic bin pile in front of that and the Tetris / Jenga master ability with the furniture. I thought I was pretty good at packing. Not compared to him.
I may have learned something A & T, so I hope I can come help you.

The funny thing is - the house in Wixom has never looked better. Carpets are clean, most of the walls are painted. The kitchen looks like we made an effort to update some. The storage space in that house is Crazy!!!! No really- I had soooo many spaces to go through looking through all my junk from 12 years in one place. Plus many things from 2 previous moves where we threw stuff in boxes to move across town. I'm sorry - finding a cell phone from the early 90's was the kicker. I figured I'd find 4-H stuff, but that cell phone. Toooo funny.

I admit that I got really overwhelmed that last week and then Mother Nature decided to kick me in the teeth 4 days before the move. I was not very welcoming of any mishaps those last few days. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, it was great to see you even if it was only a hour or so.

I could go on and on.

The dogs you ask? They are better now. They were rather upset that last week. I must have yelled at Cody one too many times because one night he insisted on sleeping next to my side of the bed. The dogs DO NOT sleep in our room- a nod to my allergies- and their snoring- he said nope I'm sleeping right here and would not go. I felt bad and went to find him a bed. Such a softy.

It was just me and them on the drive down and they were really good. I knew Cody would be good, but I wasn't sure Brando could do a whole day in the car- with only enough room to lay in his bed. Well- I think the tight space helped. Especially when I moved his bed out of the sun- oops. I stopped 5 or 6 times and took them out to stretch their legs a bit. Offered them water and they drank. Cookies on one stop and food on another. They really were troopers.

The only time they got upset was when I got upset at the house. I found it really dirty- and just about boiled over. I had to get back in the car and get some cleaning supplies. They knew I was NOT happy. Once I got somewhere clean enough to crash- it was ok.
We've taken them for walks in the morning and its like Disney land every day with all the new smells and scenery. I think they are adjusting pretty well. They were very happy when Tom showed up and all their furniture magically appeared
The empty house was weird for me and them.

Monday the Internet is installed and I can't wait. Only having my phone for access is getting a little tough to do.
I have more dinosaur stuff. Learned a cool trick on the drive down. Stayed tuned tomorrow. :-)

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